Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Few New Pics....

So I realize it's been WAY too long since my last post, and I apologize. Things have been pretty busy around here. Mitchell was gone for 6 weeks in Jan/Feb for a training exercise. The day after he returned, we were informed he will be deploying in April. So the next month or so is going to be very hectic for us. Lots to get done! Here are some recent pics of the boys:

Trent's first taste of lemon. I think his face says it all!

He got over being mad at the lemon and gave me a smile seconds later :)

This is something new that we've been doing with Gentry. He takes pipe cleaners and puts them in the holes of a colander. He gets so excited for this activity and it keeps him quiet and busy for about 10 min.

Trent is now 10.5 months old and he was beginning to outgrow his infant car seat so we decided it was time to move to his "big boy" car seat. He is still facing backward because he doesn't weigh enough and is also not old enough to face forward. I love how much he is cheesing in this picture. We constantly hear comments from strangers saying how amazed they are that he is always happy. I assure you, he isn't ALWAYS happy, just about 95% of the time :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011

W were so thankful to have so much family with us this Thanksgiving. My mom and Jeff came down, Wanda and Dorsey came down, as well as my sister, Laura and her husband, Matt. We had a FULL house, and LOVED it!
Our amazing spread :) And everything was delicious!

Trent even enjoyed some mashed potatoes.
Nonnie is such a good influence :) Gentry loved all the special attention from the grandparents and his aunt and uncle.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gentry's FIRST Haircut

So Gentry was almost 2.5 years old (at this time) and had not had a real haircut. Ever. We had trimmed the hair around his ears once, but that was it. So we decided his hair was beginning to look a bit shaggy and that it was time for his first real haircut.
A before shot.
I asked if he could show me his new haircut and this is the reaction I got...nice.

This isn't the best after shot, but the best I could it. He looks like such a big boy!

October Events

October was filled with many Fall activities (even though we lacked Fall weather). The first weekend of the month, we went to Mike's Farm, a local farm that has hayrides, a few "farm" animals, and pumpkin patches.
Trent doesn't look too thrilled about the hayride. There was way too much going on for him to look at the camera and smile.

Daddy and Gentry on the hayride to go pick our pumpkins. (Notice Gentry's shaggy hair. A later post shows his first haircut!)

Gentry's first choice was not a pumpkin but a gourd, or is it a squash?? All in the same family, right?

Perfect pumpkin for our big boy!

Family picture time! Of course, we can NEVER get all four of us to look and smile at the camera.
Grandma Genge (Nonnie, as Gentry calls her) came for a visit the second weekend. I somehow failed to take ANY pictures that weekend. Sorry Mom/Nonnie!

October was also a big month for Trent. He turned 6 months old, had his first taste of rice cereal, began sitting up by himself, and even began to crawl (more like an inchworm)! He's growing way too fast! I wish I could slow time down.
First taste of rice cereal: October 2, 2011

Messy eater, happy boy!! I love how his smile just lights up his entire face :)

Grandma Guard came to visit the third weekend. Once again, I failed at getting any pictures of her and the boys. I have got to get better at that!
However, we did take the boys to a Fall Festival on base. They had a "pumpkin patch" (an area blocked off by cones with a bunch of tiny pumpkins scattered about), hayride, pumpkin decorating, bounce houses, petting zoo, and pony rides. Gentry wanted nothing to do with the bouncy house, but surprised me by wanting to ride the pony.
Daddy and Gentry decorating their pumpkin.

Gentry with his masterpiece. I think it was a dog...or maybe a cat?
Gentry on his very first pony ride. I was so surprised he actually got on it! Quite often he says he wants to do something but then when it's his turn, he wants nothing to do with it. I mean, he is a 2 year old. haha

The following weekend (Daddy was in the field the last 2 weeks of October), the boys and I did the Onslow Oktoberfest 5K then attended the festival afterward. It was perfect fall weather that morning :)
Gentry getting his face painted for the very first time. Of course, he got "Melmo." The girl was amazed at how still he sat for her; especially since it was his first time.

After he got his face painted, we went to a booth and decorated graham crackers with icing and sprinkles. Here's Gentry checking out his masterpiece before devouring it :)

And finally, it was Halloween. We started out the celebration with the tradition of carving pumpkins as a family. Even the dogs wanted in on the fun!
Daddy, Gentry, and Caleb hard at work.

Mommy and her 3 boys :)

Gentry's "Melmo" pumpkin that Mommy carved and Trent's VT pumpkin that Daddy carved. Daddy insisted that Trent wanted a VT pumpkin :)

Daddy's Eagle, Globe, and Anchor pumpkin he carved in honor of the Marines.

Looks like someone got in to the stickers.

Our little Tin Man heading out to get some candy.

At his first house. He really enjoyed ringing the doorbells, and even said, "Teat cheese" (Treat please).

So we were supposed to be The Wizard of Oz, but I failed to get mine and Mitchell's costumes together. So we wound up with just the lion and the tin man.

Family Time (September)

September was quite a busy month for the Guard gang. We traveled to Florida, Maryland, and Virginia. We were in Florida Labor Day weekend for my Grandmother's funeral. The day after we got back, Mitchell drove to Maryland for his Grandmother's funeral. The following weekend, we were back in Maryland for Mitchell's cousins' wedding and a long overdue visit to the farm. Though some of the occassions were sad, it was great to be with family so much. Now that we're back on the East Coast, we'd love for any family to come visit us :)

Trent nawing on a corn cob. He looks a bit confused.
The boys with their Uncle Matt and Aunt Laura in Florida.
Me and the boys with their Aunt Laura and Grandpa in Florida.

Trent getting some lovin' from Grandma at Katie's wedding in Maryland.

Gentry LOVED tagging along with his cousins Garner and Will. And they were so sweet and patient with him :)

Gentry and Daddy roasting hot dogs at the camp fire at Great Aunt Nancy's cabin in Maryland.

Aunt Esther and Uncle Michael with Gentry and Trent with Uncle Jeremiah. And of course the dogs had to be in the picture.

Aunt Amanda getting her baby Trent time :)

Great Uncle Ronn's still got it!

Trent flirting with Great-great Aunt Jane and Great Aunt Nancy.

Gentry Goes to School

Gentry started going to "school" back in August. He goes to one of the Child Development Centers on base at Camp Lejeune. He attends the Toddler Playgroup on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I was a little worried that he would have a hard time adjusting since he'd been through so many changes in the past few months (new brother, leaving CA, living in VA, moving to NC). However, he went right in and really enjoyed his first day. I wanted to get a picture of him and his teacher Ms. Darlene, but it was a bit crazy at drop off.
I've learned to use my time wisely while Gentry is at school. I usually run errands and such after dropping him off. It is much easier to be productive when you only have one child to tote around!
Even though it is called "Toddler Playgroup" it is just like preschool. They have lesson plans and topics they focus on each week. For instance, last week he learned all about birds. This week it was bears. A few weeks back it was about the farm. Gentry was very excited to tell all about Pap-pap's barn, Pap-pap's tractor, and Pap-pap's cows :) Ms. Darlene told me anytime he saw a barn, cow, or tractor, that Gentry would shout out "Pap-pap's _______!!"

Our big boy on his first day of preschool.
August 25, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Some pics from the month of August (yes, I'm a little behind, sorry!):

Trent in his outfit from Aunt Laura & Uncle Matt
Cool man Trent :) Just hanging out on the porch while Gentry "mows" the front yard.

Trent rolled over for the first time: August 2, 2011!!

Here he goes!

Trent playing in his exersaucer for the first time. He LOVES it!

Gentry decided the exersaucer was the perfect place for him to play as well. Silly kid!

Trent's ready for wedding season. He's been to 4 weddings this summer!

Gentry was first in line for a cupcake from the wedding "cake"

Mommy and Trent at a friend's wedding in Summerville, NC

Slobbery Trent with Nonnie (Nana) at a wedding in Richmond, VA

Sisters <3

Trent hanging out in the kitchen while Mommy cooks dinner. Notice the fingers in the mouth and the other hand holding his ear?

My boys hanging out during Hurricane Irene. I love these guys! I'm so blessed.

Happy little man after church.

Here's the process of Trent rolling over. He's become a pro. He even uses his feet to steer himself.
Still holding on to one foot.
Almost there!
Yay! So proud of himself :)
Rolling is officially his mode of transportation...for now.